About L.U.C.A. Atelier
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L.U.C.A: the Last Universal Common Ancestor, is the last known spec on the tree of life from which all other life arose. The atelier is a result of continuous research and curiosity for the grand questions of our existence. LUCA atelier aims to translate the abstractness and beauty of this narrative, resulting in timeless and unique pieces of jewelry with a minimalist aesthetic.

At its core, the atelier aims to minimize environmental impact by using sustainably and locally sourced materials such as reused glass and solely recycled packaging materials. The designs communicate a tale of the beauty and uniqueness of our planet which should be cherished and nurtured.

Marjolijn Scholten, a Willem de Kooning graduate and designer seeks to explore the timefulness in components of the natural world, the fastness yet simplicity of the natural; creating the essential.